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Diet Pills With Ephedra that Work Extremely Fast

Ephedra is an herb whose branches and tops are used for medicinal purposes and is the source of ephedrine. Due to its medicinal properties, ephedra is used in a wide range of applications including for respiratory problems, fighting cold and flu as well as for promoting weight loss and enhancing athletic performance.

Ephedrine, the active chemical in ephedra stimulates the nervous system, heart and lungs making it an effective ingredient for use with diet pills to stimulate thermo-genesis and metabolism. As such taking diet pills that really work fast with ephedra produces weight loss of nearly 1 kg every month.

When combined with caffeine, ephedra diet pills become even more effective since caffeine is a stimulant. The increased metabolism, thermo-genetic activity and energy lead to increased burning of body fat which leads to a modest weight loss of about 12 pounds over a period of 6 months.

Ephedra with Caffeine

To be more effective, ephedra diet pills are usually taken in combination with caffeine extracted from cola nuts. Apart from stimulating body metabolism and thermo-genetic activities, this combination limits fat intake by about 30% which promotes the weight loss process. If used therefore in the right proportions and with exercises and a balanced diet, diet pills with ephedra have proved to be effective in delivering weight loss for obese adults.

However, there are concerns with the use of ephedra in diet pills since it is a stimulant. For example, ephadra is banned from use for competitive sporting and its approval for use with diet pills with the FDA rescinded. This is because it may cause changes in blood pressure and heart rate which are serious health concerns if not monitored carefully.

Although ephedrine and products containing ephedrine and caffeine have not been approved as drugs for weight loss in the United States, there are botanical dietary supplements for weight loss that include ephedra. The main difference between ephedra and ephedrine is that while ephedrine is a chemical, ephdra is a natural source of ephedrine which therefore cannot be regulated. There are also other botanical sources of caffeine and salicylic acid which are used to make effective weight loss diet pills.

Diet pills containing ephedra are therefore very effective for weight loss and are available as over the counter pills. However, for these pills to be effective, they have to be used in combination with vitamins, exercise and a balanced diet. These pills not only increase body metabolism but also boost energy which allows for more exercising leading to more weight loss. Due to increased metabolism and risk of change in blood pressure and heart rate, it is recommended to exercise caution if you are suffering from any heart condition or blood pressure issues.

Are ephedrine pills illegal?

Ephedrine is used to make a number of drugs to treat a wide range of ailments. However, its use for weight loss pills has not been approved. As of now, weight loss pills use ephedrine from its natural source; ephedra, to make weight loss pills and dietary supplements.

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