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Diet Plans for Men

With men, a different approach is needed when it comes to a dieting plan that can aid weight loss. This is because men are active most of the time and diets that lead to deprivation are never effective in delivering weight loss results that can be sustained. However, you can lose a couple of pounds following a certain diet without feeling deprived or resorting to fasting.

You will not only feel better than you do currently; you will have increased energy and experience improved health with a good outlook of life. The food you eat is the secret to achieving all these in as less as 5 weeks. That’s why we hope you will find this diet plan for men very helpful if you need to lose those extra pounds without changing so much about your life.

1. Have 5 meals Each day
Studies have suggested that men who eat more than four times a day have a lower risk of obesity and lifestyle diseases when compared with those who eat 3 or fewer times a day. These meals should be 2 snacks and 3 squares avoiding high calorie meals. Eating frequently reduces your hunger pangs and the urge to ‘feast’ after a day of hard work.

2. Increase your Fiber Intake
Foods rich in fiber are some of the best foods you should eat when you want to lose weight. This is because the fiber slows down the rate of digestion, keeping you feeling full for longer as well as reducing sugar cravings. Moreover, fiber also binds to other foods increasing the body’s metabolism helping burn more calories from the body. According to a study by the USDA, men who consume 24 grams of fiber daily stand a better chance of dropping extra pounds from their body weight. This should ideally translate to about 5 grams of fiber each meal if you are having five meals a day. Some of the foods that you should stock up that are rich in fiber include; any cereal that contains bran, cooked beans, apples, oranges, pears, bananas, fruits, vegetables, seeds and whole grains.

3. Low-carb meals
Carbohydrates are very high in calories. The increase on prevalence of lifestyle diseases and obesity can be attributed to the increased consumption of carbohydrates that are heavy in calories. As such, if you are looking to lose weight, you should cap intake of carbs to a maximum of three servings a day. Although carbohydrates provide the energy that power most men through the day, you can still enjoy these without any adverse effect to your health if you avoid processed foods and instead switch to whole grains and high-fiber carbohydrates.

4. Stop counting your calories
A good and effective diet is one you don’t have to watch all the time. You therefore need to practice eating the right foods frequently which will not only eliminate hunger pangs but also control the amount of calories you take per day. Have lots of fruits and vegetables except for potatoes which tend to be high in calories. Fruits and vegetables have fewer calories, plenty of fiber and are nutrient rich. Moreover, ensure that there is some protein with every meal. These may include; nuts, eggs, pork, fish, chicken, turkey, beef, milk, cheese and yogurt.

Fat should also be an important component in your meals. These should be healthy, unsaturated fats which also take longer to digest helping you stay full for longer. Eating a high-fat, low-calorie diet can lead to a substantial weight loss in 6 months while ensuring you remain healthy and active in your everyday activities.

5. Start with Breakfast
If you are looking to lose weight and be healthier, then you should pay more attention to your breakfast. Breakfast is very important because it fires up your metabolism after a lull during the night. It is therefore advisable to have your breakfast within 90 minutes of waking up to fire up your metabolism and burn those extra pounds of fat in your body. Furthermore, a study at the University of Massachusetts have collaborated the importance of breakfast finding out that men who skip breakfast are at a higher risk of becoming obese than those who don’t skip breakfast.

As a man, it doesn’t matter how you like your meals to be served but following this diet plan will bring you weight loss results pretty quickly. What is important to remember is that eating healthy and staying active is the secret to keeping those extra pounds at bay.

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